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Express your style. With our customized cabin interior solutions.

The interior of your aircraft is a place of business and relaxation, with the emphasis on stylishness and intelligent functionality. This means that you can travel in a pleasant interior environment with state-of-the-art technology.

From upgrades to completely new installations, we are capable of providing you with the latest communication systems while ensuring that you can travel in complete comfort. In close cooperation with world class designers, we provide cabin interior completions and refurbishments, cabin restylings and integrated, high-class communication and entertainment system upgrades.

Your needs are always our priority. We place a premium on building close relationships with clients. That's why we work together with you to turn your style and your ideas into reality. You will be assigned a fully dedicated project team that will provide you with regular project updates and progress review charts. We want your aircraft to fully meet your requirements and express your personal style. It's your vision. We'll help you get there.

Form follows function is the well-known equation for optimal design. We take this rule to heart. Our cabin design and interior restyling solutions combine aesthetics and functionality in a perfect combination that is tailored to your needs.

When you step into the cabin of your aircraft you will find the right mix of intelligent functionality and stylish design. It will be a world of coordinated colours and a material trim and finish that fits the scheme. We want your cabin to be a work space and a space of relaxation. Our pleasing aesthetic and functional solutions will provide you with the perfect environment for both. We do everything with the comfort of your person, eye and intellect in mind.

If your cabin interior is due for a refurbishment, for whatever reason, we can help you restore the shine.

Whether your cabin needs a small touch-up or a major modification, you can count on us for premium quality. And you can also expect us to deliver on time and on budget. Our skilled craftsmen work in state-of-the-art facilities, where they can upgrade your cabinetry, seat upholstery, sidewalls and ceiling. We can also help you with carpet and soft material design and installation, as well as with cabin system modification, while also taking care of the seat upholstery and shape design. You can decide to have just some of this work done, or opt for a full cabin refurbishment or retrofit. Whatever your decision, we are ready to provide your cabin interior with a well-deserved makeover, in line with your needs.

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You know what you want. Now you need a business partner who can turn your ideas into reality. Welcome to the world of GA-ATS, where we can cater for whatever comfort system you have in mind.

Special lighting needs? We can help you create the interior mood you are looking for. A quality sound system? Whether for business or entertainment, we can get the cabin sound just right for you. How about cabin noise reduction? We can ensure a quiet interior as well as provide other extra features, such as cabin connectivity and massage functions, for a high-comfort interior environment. For all our work we use modern and exclusive materials. In short, we will work with you to create the on-board comforts you desire.

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The world doesn’t stop when you are in the air. Business deals are struck, stock markets are trading, currencies are rising and falling. And you need to know what’s going on.

We can outfit your aircraft with state-of-the-art technology so you can stay informed when you are on the go. From upgrades to completely new installations, we are capable of implementing the latest communication systems. Our technicians can set you up with high-speed broadband internet, GSM mobile applications, and wireless LAN WiFi options. We can do a SATCOM installation, too. We also offer SMS, messaging and fax. After all, the world still operates 24/7, even when you are in the air.

The hours in the air can be long. A state-of-the-art multimedia system is indispensible to get the most out of your airtime, for business or entertainment.

Whether you need an upgrade for your in-flight entertainment system, or a new installation, we stand ready to help you get it right, including matching your portable device with your cabin interface. We can install or upgrade your audio-video on demand (AVOD), internet routing networks, media storage servers, and movies and audio applications. System control app design and implementation for smartphones and tablets makes your cabin the perfect environment for conducting business. Or if you prefer, it can be the perfect ambience for relaxing and entertaining. With our multimedia upgrades, you can use all communication devices just like you would from home. 

As technology leapfrogs ahead we can help you keep pace. Tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

We can also act as a consultant to help you match your needs with the latest innovations. In fact, our experts can integrate any programme available on the market. Our offering includes a wide range of innovations, from new systems to new lightweight structures, new passenger comfort systems and new cabin communication systems. We’ll find and install the right technology to keep you abreast of innovation and technology changes.


Video "Walk through and experience variations on our cabin interior designs" coming soon

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