Ensure availability. With our reliable in-house component shop for reduced turnaround times.

Streamlined processes, full stocks of spare parts and the flexibility to meet all MRO testing requirements make the GA-ATS MRO International, in-house MRO component shop fast, accurate and reliable. Our team of highly specialized professionals ensure precision at low average turnaround times.

You benefit from fast component availability and reliable results. Each component is treated to complete life cycle MRO, industry-standard testing and  full repairs and spare parts replacement, as well as the final certification. Once your components leave our workshops, they are ready to go to work all over again.

Our short turnaround times make GA-ATS MRO International the preferred supplier for component MRO services. Industry leaders and OEMs alike turn to our MRO component shop for maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification, readout, evaluation, recoding, capacity testing, and battery service, as well as rental. Our experience extends to the full range of singular aircraft components including life raft, flight fata recorder (FDR), cockpit voice recorder (CVR), underwater light battery (UWLB), emergency locator transmitter (ELT), outflow valve, generator, emergency power supply unit (EPSU), sensors, main battery, and flight panel. We also perform calibration services for ground support equipment (GSE) and a full series of non-destructive testing (NDT) including x-ray, eddy current, ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic flux.

Avionics & Software 

Target safety and continued airworthiness. Trust expert, affordable avionics solutions.
Being able to rely on your avionics and software systems is fundamental. Keep your avionics and software systems up-to-date and ensure a smooth flight with our proven solutions.

Flight deck, navigation and guidance systems, as well as safety systems, require updates to support you with the latest technologies and developments. Integrating these updates ensures you meet continued airworthiness criteria and can rely on the best possible solutions for your needs.

Our expertise takes you beyond updates to customised system upgrades and unique modifications. Our professional and  comprehensive consultation, as well as our efficient project management is founded on over 40 years of experience in providing solutions for integrating all manner of electronic equipment into civil and military aircraft and helicopters. Focusing on your requirements, we integrate and install state-of-the-art avionics suites and special mission systems, design the necessary airframe modifications, and ensure their certification, thanks to our EASA Part 21 J and G Approved Design Organisation (DOA).

Our portfolio of existing certified installations can be tailored to meet your needs for one-off or fleet-wide solutions, for both civil and military use. We work together with our structural design team and maintenance organisation to produce end-to-end certified solutions with minimal downtime.

Communication & Navigation Systems  

Secure an informed flight environment. Stay up to date with ease, for accurate and customised data.

Precise navigation and clear communications both encourage a steady and confident flight environment. Ensure safety with the flow of the information you require, using our reliable, straightforward solutions.   

A state-of-the-art, integrated data environment for your aircraft is necessary to simultaneously fulfil today’s complex flying requirements. Your detailed navigational and guidance needs,  as well as your interactive cabin communications system requirements, determine how we approach the individual solutions we develop on your behalf. Your expert integration partner, we enable you to optimise your tasks, manage your flight envelope, and extend your operational versatility with the latest technology.  

Our straightforward solutions, together with our proven capabilities, enable us to deliver the most reliable solutions for your aircraft or fleet. As an approved European Aviation Safety Agency Part 21J and G Design Organisation, we will complete your selected services within EASA regulations.

You can rely on us to perform inspection and testing, integrate upgrades and modifications, and implement and certify completely new installations. You benefit from the reliable services of a single source, life cycle support provider, known for short downtimes and guaranteed aircraft availability.


As an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO), GA-ATS is an efficient and professional partner whose focus is its customers’ success and safety.

Investigative and problem solving capabilities are the foundation of GA-ATS Australia’s engineering services. Combined with outstanding engineering competencies, GA-ATS Australia offers innovative design solutions to satisfy all aspects of all demands – specifications, reliability, time and Budget.



Better customer component reliability and affordability is achieved through innovative applications engineering. Customers rely on GA-ATS Australia for its core engineering expertise in aeronautics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, materials and processing. 

The engineering tools include:

Engineering Management System

GA-ATS Australia’s approach to the provision of Engineering Support is described by its Engineering Management Plan which provides the basis for GA-ATS Australia integrating appropriately qualified, trained, experienced and authorised people with controlled and approved data through the use of controlled and approved processes.

GA-ATS Australia’s Engineering Management Plan has been approved by the Technical Airworthiness Regulator (TAR).

Safety Management System

GA-ATS Australia operates a Safety Management System (SMS) that complies with the Australian Defence Force’s Technical Airworthiness Regulations (TAREG 3.7) and the Australian Defence Force’s Airworthiness Design Requirements Manual. GA-ATS Australia’s SMS is designed to identify, evaluate and control the impact of hazards. It seeks to ensure zero accidents and the delivery of safe, reliable products to customers. 

Design Engineering

GA-ATS Australia’s Design Engineering aims to provide engineering support to manufacturing, maintenance, repair and metal finishing activities. GA-ATS Australia’s dedicated team of experienced engineers uses a broad range solid modelling packages and analytical software to develop and review changes as well as conduct configuration management of design changes. 

Continuous Improvement and Conformance 

Continuous improvement is about the entire organisation and everything it does. GA-ATS Australia’s Continuous Improvement and Conformance plan is designed to increase quality and quantity performance, reduce performance variation and eliminate waste. As the Partner of Choice for customers, GA-ATS Australia commits itself to constantly improve product and service quality as well as turn-around times. 

Engines & Accessories 

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house engine MRO shops.

Your aircraft engines let you take off with confidence when they are kept in excellent operating condition. Fly with safety and assurance. Rely on our engine MRO services.

Keeping your engine in shape is made easy by our proven, in-house inspection capabilities. Our technical specialists provide you with reliable and accurate MRO, inspection, testing and modification services to ensure your engines and the various accessories perform to highest expected standards. Trust our services for improved safety, reliability and compliance. EASA, FAA and Certificate of Compliance (CoC) certification is included.

Line Maintenance
Examination, inspection, modification, repairs, testing and troubleshooting.

Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20
General Electric CF34-10E 

Flight Panels & Instruments  

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house flight panels MRO shop.

The flip of a toggle switch can have a direct and immediate impact at any stage of your flight. Rely on our flight panel MRO expertise to secure functional accuracy for your safe missions and operations.

Your aircraft flight panel toggles and lamps require regular functional testing to ensure they operate safely and with accuracy. Our flight panel technical specialists are at your service for inspection, testing, repair, and modifications, including EASA, FAA and Certificate of Conformance (CoC) approvals.

Flight panel maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is one of our specialties, treating classic production panels as well as state-of-the-art flight panels. Whether checking toggles for their continued electrical resistance, or the lighting bulbs for warning lamps, our specialists provide spare parts and repairs all within our guaranteed 3 day turnaround time. You benefit from reliable component availability, as well as the certainty your classic flight panel will operate with accuracy.

Continued airworthiness management is intrinsic to your effective fleet management. When your components are ready for their next maintenance task, our in-house component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops are ready too. Benefit from reliable, low average turnaround times - just 2-3 days for almost all components, for almost all aircraft types – and precision testing from the industry leader. Our experienced specialists ensure we meet all your continued airworthiness requirements.

Noteworthy support for classic models

  • Cobham products on the Dornier 228
  • Cobham products on Cessna aircraft 

Flight Data Recorder/Cockpit Voice Recorder

Safeguard airworthiness. Count on our in-house flight data and cockpit voice recorder MRO shop.

Your aircraft is airworthy when the sensors have been routinely analyzed and evaluated during MRO tasks on flight data and cockpit voice recorders. Rely on our MRO expertise to secure continued accuracy for operational recordings.

Your flight data (FDR) and cockpit voice recording (CVR) devices require regular readout and testing services to ensure safe operations and continued airworthiness. Our FDR and CVR technical specialists are at your service for inspection, testing, repair, readout, modification, and overhaul. EASA and FAA approval included.

Benefit from our fast turnaround times, as well as the convenience and reduced cost of our exclusive remote diagnostics support. Our experts accept FDR and CVR “readouts from file” sent electronically. You save on the costs and, most importantly, the time associated with shipment logistics.

Continued airworthiness management is intrinsic to your effective fleet management. When your components are ready for their next maintenance task, our in-house component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops are ready too. Benefit from reliable, low average turnaround times and precision testing. Our experienced specialists ensure we meet all your continued airworthiness requirements.


Generators & Batteries

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house generator and battery MRO shops.

Your aircraft only fly when your generators and batteries are in working order. Rely on our expert MRO services to guarantee a successful start to your missions and operations.

Your generator requires regular inspection and testing as determined by the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM). Our generator test benches are at your service, accommodating air-cooled generators for full cleaning, mechanical inspection and testing, repairs and painting, and modification and overhaul. EASA, FAA and Certificate of Conformance (CoC) approval included.

A successful start also requires your batteries be charged to load capacity. Our team offers full support as we perform capacity checks and ensure you have the charged load you need to power up. Benefit from even faster turnaround times with our exclusive battery loaner service. Full part compliance guarantees you have battery power as you need it.


Landing Gears & Subcomponents

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house landing gear MRO shops.

Reliable take-offs and landings are fundamental to your successful operations.  Manage all flights with confidence. Trust our in-house MRO shops for landing gear support.

The safe beginning and completion of every flight, and the successful operation in between, all count on the reliability of the landing gear and airborne subcomponents. Take advantage of the MRO and support services we offer and ensure aircraft availability, safety and reliable performance, and OEM compliance. Our specialized teams are dedicated to serving your individual needs with competitive turnaround times and cost efficient solutions. 

How we support your landing gear requirements

  • Landing gear systems
  • Landing gear single components
  • Loaner landing gear for select platforms
  • Nose landing gear
  • Brakes, wheels & rims
  • Hydraulic components 
  • AOG and original spare parts support
  • Enhanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection

Supported platforms

  • Bombardier Challenger CL300, CL350, CL604, CL605, CL650
  • Bombardier Global
  • Dornier 228 & Dornier Classic

Life Rafts   

Predictable turnaround times. Trust in our in-house life raft MRO shop.

Preserve peace of mind and bring security to sudden situations. Know your customer and their most precious cargo are safe as you depend on our reliable in-house life raft MRO shop. 

Knowing your customer is prepared for uncertain situations means you have consulted a specialist. Our expertise with long-standing partner Winslow has made us the leading provider of life raft services in the industry. Providing fast and reliable services on over 500 Winslow life rafts proves our inherent standards of quality, trust and absolute dependability for satisfying industry expectations and meeting aircraft availability requirements. As well, it serves to underscore the success of the partnership between the two companies.

Our dedicated in-house maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shop requires as little as 1 day, and up to maximum 3 days, to fulfil inspection, testing, and MRO requirements, proving highest standards of quality, and ensuring guaranteed OEM compliance and full EASA and FAA certification. Rafts are delivered aircraft-ready and are packed according to individual specifications.

An Approved Centre of Competency for Winslow life rafts, GA-ATS MRO International component services extends to all Winslow model variations; each one of which comes equipped with mandatory equipment, including a beacon, flares, water-filter, hand pumps, survival rations, knives, batteries and torches. Additional supplies and content are individually chosen and specified by each aircraft owner, resulting in tailored maintenance and supply Services.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house NDT shop for all your testing requirements.

Early identification of potential corrosion and materials fatigue issues can ensure your aircraft are flying safely and reliably. Rely on our in-house NDT shop and material laboratory services for aircraft and components.

Your aircraft and their subsystems and components are subjected to high loads over the course of their operational lives, potentially weakening their systems. The resulting material fatigue and corrosion can cause interruptions to successful missions and operations. Our MRO capabilities for  non-destructive testing (NDT) and materials laboratory services for aircraft and components succeed in identifying these issues before they can have an impact on the safety and availability of an aircraft.

We focus on your inspection needs for safety critical applications, 24/7, for any aircraft platform you operate or any aerospace part  and structure you include. Our maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) specialists in the field of NDT and materials provide a complete range of testing procedures to the highest quality standards, both in-house and on a mobile basis anywhere in the world. 

All NDT services we perform have been certified and accredited, including by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) for fluorescent liquid penetrant testing.

Non-Destructive Testing:

  • Fluorescent liquid penetrant test with level 3 and 4 sensitivity
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection techniques
  • Eddy current crack detection
  • Radiographic test

Materials Lab Services:

  • Hardness test
  • Vickers (HV), Brinell (HBW) and Rockwell (HRC)
  • Hardness test machine: Zwick/Roell ZHU 250 top
  • Heat treatment test
  • Tension and compression test
  • Max. force of 20kN; sample test length of max. 750 mm
  • Universal test machine: Zwick/Roell Z020 


  • Cessna Authorized Independent NDI Facility
  • FAA Approval
  • EASA

Radar & Sensors

Guarantee accurate data. Count on our in-house radar and sensor testing MRO shop.

Be confident in the accuracy of your real-time readings and data, as well as the ultimate success of your missions and operations. Trust our reliable expertise for exacting radar and sensor MRO.

Scheduled fleet operations and challenging missions all rely on the accuracy of collected radar and sensor data for informed real-time decision-making. Enhance safety and performance parameters, even under the most challenging flight conditions. Our in-house maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) specialists inspect, evaluate, and calibrate your aircraft radar and sensors according to Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) standards for precision performance and your enhanced safety.

Enjoy peace of mind throughout every flight envelope and their fluctuating environments, as well as especially low Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates. Our services take away guesswork as we combine high technological and engineering standards with guaranteed fast turnaround times and highly competitive pricing. Upgrades and MRO can be combined with aircraft maintenance checks.


Wheels & Brakes

Safeguard availability. Trust our in-house wheels and brakes MRO shops for safety and reliability.

Knowing your aircraft will perform with its best stopping power requires confidence in the expertise and reliability of the aircraft service provider who inspects its wheels and brakes. Count on our in-house MRO shops.

The necessary power to come to a safe and full stop at the conclusion of your missions and operations is ensured when you trust your wheel and brake assemblies to our specialists. Whether your landings take you on asphalt airstrips or on unprepared surfaces, such as mud, rocks, gravel, sand, water, or ice, our team provides the targeted and prompt support you require to enhance safety and guarantee continued aircraft availability. Our in-house maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops for wheel and brake assemblies provide all services required for the release of your aircraft and feature MRO, inspection, test, and repair. Certificate of Conformance (CoC), and EASA certification is included.


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