System Upgrades


Fly safe under any conditions. With our system upgrades.

There are a variety of modifications and upgrades available for the latest Dornier 228 generation as well as retrofit solutions for older Dornier 228 models. 

Our combined status as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Type Certificate (TC) holder of the of the Dornier 228 and our classification as an European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved Part 21 J and G Design and Production Organization (DOA and POA) allow us to offer direct and comprehensive services for the Dornier 228 fleet operating worldwide.

  • Medical Evacuation.pngFast and effective response to unexpected situations requiring a timely medical care, evacuation or logistic distribution of medical equipment
  • Modular design – fast and simple integration of the required modules depending on the mission
  • Safe transport or evacuation of injured, wounded or infected patients of rural, isolated or difficult to access areas
  • Rapid contactless, non-hazardous disinfection of medical equipment, passengers, pilots and crew
  • Transport of vaccines and laboratory samples under extreme conditions (ultra low temperatures up to -80°C)
  • Changing from different aircraft configurations to MedEvac operations within a minimum of time



5-blades Propeller.jpgFaster. Lighter. Quieter.
The 5-blade propeller upgrade improved engine performance at reduced costs.

Upgrade from 4 to 5 propellers and benefit from the latest operational standards and continue to rely on your Dornier 228 for the best-in-class capabilities you have come to expect.

Affordable, reliable, standardized

Integrating the upgrade is straightforward. Choose from -

  • STC solution for the full fleet of classic Dornier 228
  • standardized solution for Dornier 228 aircraft produced since 2010

Available at highly reasonable rates, the upgrade allows you to save on both time and costs during standard operations -

  • the composite blades weigh less, optimizing fuel economy
  • the blades have an extended service life (up to 4000 HRS / 72 MTH), reducing MRO needs

Quieter approach

Working together with propeller specialist MT-Propeller Development, we’ve ensured the upgrade is the best possible and affordable package for our Dornier 228 Community. What’s more, shorter blades mean less vibration and less noise, inside and out, in keeping with today’s evolving noise restrictions and sustainability expectations.



 Upgrade_EMC2_a.jpgAn upgrade to an affordable glass cockpit is within reach. We’re so excited about this flight deck solution that we want to make sure the entire Dornier 228 operator community hears about it. What’s more, the kit is   designed to allow your trusted MRO provider to install it on your behalf.

Enhanced Modular Cockpit Concept (EMCC)

The truth is, the ADS-B Out avionics configuration makes your EMCC glass cockpit solution more affordable because most of the work is already done. And, modular by definition, the EMCC solution lets you pick and choose which features your glass cockpit should have. You control your flight deck options on your Dornier 228 as well as your budget. Our factsheet shows you how it works.


value Choosing to upgrade to a glass cockpit with the EMCC solution improves the value of your Dornier 228 as well as your profitability options. Increased cockpit efficiency reduces the pilot workload and has a direct and positive impact on productivity. You can also expect to save on the time and costs associated with spare parts sourcing and repairs for aging cockpit configurations.

The safety factor

Every EMCC glass cockpit option improves situational awareness, enhances safety and includes full ADS-B Out compliance. State-of-the-art avionics are specifically designed to fit your Dornier 228 so you’ll continue to feel confident in your cockpit environment. 



Stand-alone STCHeaderbilder Web_Newsletter Dornier 228_Issue 4_2.jpg
Mindful of your priorities, RUAG has specifically developed a stand-alone STC that brings ADS-B out, Mode S EHS (Enhanced Surveillance)  and ELS (Elementary Surveillance) direct to your Dornier 228 cockpit, easily and affordably. Fully satisfying all EASA requirements, our package for your Dornier 228 features a streamlined installation and includes transponder, GPS receiver, air data display unit, and AHRS  (attitude heading reference system). What’s more, the STC also supports FAA compliance.

A look at the facts
Just to make sure that this solution is precisely what you need, let’s look at the ADS-B out facts. Essentially, the mandate and its June 2020 compliance date apply to all Dornier 228 flying for 19-passenger commuter operations, for cargo operations and for humanitarian and medevac operations. They even apply for those aircraft operating between the continents and whose flight plans originate in European airspace.

Maintain operational flexibility
How you choose to approach the ADS-B out compliance issue is a decision for you and your CAMO. Our priority is to ensure you have access to the tools you need in order to maintain operational flexibility and continued reliable performance throughout your Dornier 228 operations.

Even if your Dornier 228 fleet is your customers’ only travel alternative, you still want to encourage a positive experience. Commute Seating Solution.jpg 

Feeling the difference

We’ve partnered with aircraft seating experts, AvioInteriors, for the design, development and supply of a new seating model for the Dornier 228. Available as a shipset retrofit for both classic and new production model aircraft, this seating solution reflects the Dornier 228’s inherent versatility and functionality, while ensuring safety, stability and passenger comfort. Your passengers will feel relaxed and secure in a modernized and aesthetically attractive cabin. Your operations will benefit from better positioning amongst customers in your target market, as well as from prompt and readily available shipset sourcing through a reliable supply chain.

The better news for members of our community flying advanced commuter configurations is, the new model has more pragmatic advantages that feature supply chain longevity, extended comfort and weight reduction. Enhanced functionality is achieved with the addition of movable armrests, a welcome change for passenger comfort, with models available in both leather and textile upholstery. State-of-the-art materials and construction enable a lighter unit with a potential weight savings of up to 15kg without emergency equipment and life vests.

Reliable retrofit

The new seat solution figures prominently in the cabins of all Dornier 228 advanced commuter variants produced by RUAG since mid-2018. Operator community reviews have been positive so far. Shipsets are readily available for order, requiring only input on configuration, part number, weight and balance,  and payload. Flooring structures remain the same.

Refurbishment of the existing seating does remain possible, however. Our one-stop shop approach, at our OEM facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen, allows you to optimize your Dornier 228’s downtime during its next heavy maintenance visit by including seat refurbishment from our in-house shop (FlyDornier228, issue 2).



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