Do228 - Advanced Commuter


Passenger and cargo transport with the Do228

The Do228 is the perfect choice when it comes to passenger and cargo transportation. Its high productivity and economy, attractive price-performance ratio, outstanding performance, and high levels of safety and comfort make the Do228 an ideal advanced commuter aircraft. No other aircraft can transport as many passengers and cargo over a comparable distance as fast as the Do228. Our aircraft is able to operate in harsh weather conditions and on remote and short airstrips. This is why operators all over the world count on it when it comes to demanding operations. 

Its attractive price/performance ratio, excellent performance and flight characteristics and high level of safety and comfort make the Do228 an ideal modern commuter aircraft. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamics, the Do228 is able to match or exceed the STOL performance of its competitors with the same payload and fly up to 50 kts faster.

Advanced Commuter - Operational Areas

The Do228 not only proves to be a versatile platform for Special Mission applications but it is also the perfect choice when it comes to passenger and cargo transportation.


Operational at a wide range of runway surfaces 


Operational in high temperatures and at high altitudes 


Small airfields/aprons ➔ short turnaround times 


STOL characteristics allow the landing of short runways 


Can access remote airfields with limited infrastructure 


Medical evacuation (MedEvac) missions


Cargo transportation of up to 6 Euro pallets

Passenger Transport

A high standard in passenger comfort is the primary consideration in the Do228 design. The standard cabin consists of 19 individual passenger seats with a 30-inch pitch, offering airline-standard passenger comfort in a single-seat configuration. Its rectangular cross-section is the ideal shape for utility applications and provides passengers with ample space at shoulder height, extra passenger headroom and cargo storage space. Passengers enter through a passenger door with built-in steps on the LH side of the rear fuselage. An 18 seats layout, with a toilet located aft of the cabin, is also available. 


Cargo transport

Seats can be quickly removed to convert the cabin for cargo transportation. To ease loading, the normal passenger door can be  opened sideways, which, together with the adjacent door, creates a massive opening for bulky or heavy cargo. Parcels and crates of all sorts can be distributed quickly and easily inside the cabin by means of the integrated roller system.


Do228 Passenger cabin



Do228 Cargo cabin