Construction and fuselage

The construction of the Do228 has been proven in service over four decades and is continuously optimized.


The well-proven Do228 design

The structure of the fuselage is a conventional alloy construction (non-pressurized fuselage). 

The structure of the wing is new technology. While a conventional wing has a main and a secondary spar, ribs and stringers and sheet metal skin – riveted together – the Dornier 228 wing structure is a box formed from four integrally milled alloy panels. Leading edge is conventional alloy sheet metal with ribs and stringers, trailing edge and fowler flaps are made from para-aramid synthetic fiber (Kevlar).


Advantages of our design

  • Allow for large operator console(s) and still guarantee safe egress path 

  • Floor structure offering several spots for sensors installation without a need for structural reinforcements 

  • Flat bottom and side for easy sensors integration and low fuselage interference 

  • Retractable gear allowing for unobstructed 360° radar scan 

  • Aft cargo area configurable and accessible in flight (drop-hole possible) 

  • 30 second quick change pax/cargo door 

  • Roller door, in-flight operation (optional)