Engines and Propellers

The Do228 flies with the Honeywell TPE-331-10, providing high performance with low acceleration time.


Honeywell TPE-331-10

The Do228 is equipped with the Honeywell TPE-331-10, a single-shaft engine known for its compact size, high power capabilities, immediate responsiveness, and short acceleration time.

The best-in-class performance of the Do228 has been significantly improved by the upgrade to a 5-blade, composite propeller in combination with the fuel-efficient TPE331-10 engine. Improved performance and enhanced operational capabilities are realized over the entire flight profile.



  • The propeller blades are 4 inches shorter, providing improved ground clearance. 

  • Shorter blades prevent the draw on surface debris during take-off, protecting intakes. 

  • The composite blade construction lightens load and ensures increased fuel efficiency. 

  • The increased number of lighter blades enable quicker accelerations, saving up to 20 seconds. 

  • More powerful blade rotations reduce stress on batteries and generators over time and extend their life cycles. 

  • Noise and vibration are reduced, enhancing the passenger and crew experience.

Your Honeywell Authorized Service Center

Our complete support of the Dornier 228 includes the competence required for the regular MRO, certified safety and continued support of the TPE331 engine over its entire life cycle. As a Honeywell Authorized Service Center, GA-ATS is your partner of choice, investing our expertise to provide comprehensive support for TPE331-5 and -10 engines, offering both line and major maintenance, as well as hot section inspection.