General Atomics AeroTec Systems and jetlite GmbH team up to offer innovative and jet lag reducing cabin lighting technology for Business Jet customers

A carefully planned cabin interior lighting is an important factor to enhance passengers’ well-being on board. This is why, General Atomics AeroTec Systems cooperates with jetlite to offer the innovative and (social) jet lag reducing cabin lighting. The collaboration of jetlite´s scientifically proven cabin lighting technology and General Atomic AeroTec Systems´ expertise in Business Aviation creates new potentials for Business Jet customers and further strengthens the portfolio of the One-Stop-Shop in Oberpfaffenhofen.

State-of-the-art cabin lighting technology based on scientific research

jetlite, headquartered at Hamburg’s renowned ZAL TechCenter, has developed a revolutionary lighting technology that reduces (social-) jetlag and enhances health and well-being. Social jet lag describes the disruption of the body's natural circadian rhythm the so-called inner clock, e.g. by extremely early or late flights that extend into the actual sleeping time. At the touch of a button, the crew or the passenger himself can adjust the lighting to align with the individual inner clock and personal needs. This ensures that the passenger arrives at the destination feeling refreshed and less jetlagged.

Compared to traditional cabin lighting such as mood lighting, the lighting technology is scientifically proven and based on research studies in the fields of human centric lighting and chronobiology. “Our cabin lighting technology is tailored to your individual inner clock, your personal needs, and your cabin interior. We develop a unique lighting concept based on your specific needs, which we test, evaluate, and photometrically measure on board of the Business Jet. This is how we ensure that you receive a perfectly matching cabin lighting.” says Dr. Achim Leder, Co-Founder and Managing Director of jetlite.

Expansion of the comprehensive One-Stop-Shop services in Oberpfaffenhofen

General Atomics AeroTec Systems has recognized the immense potential of the modern cabin lighting technology to complement their comprehensive Business Jet service portfolio In Oberpfaffenhofen, General Atomics AeroTec Systems offers extensive upgrades for navigation and safety systems, entertainment systems and cabin interiors with seats, carpets and woodwork. The company is a reliable partner for maintenance, repair and overhaul of Business Jets and operates a VIP Paint+ Shop for high-quality aircraft painting according to the customer's wishes. In order to offer the customer the greatest possible service with minimum downtime, General Atomics AeroTec Systems combines all these services in a modern One-Stop-Shop, which means that all the customer wishes can be fulfilled with just one stop.

"At General Atomics AeroTec Systems, innovation is the core of our business. This is why we believe, the jetlite technology adds significant benefit to the passenger experience in any Business Jet." says Head of Sales Christian Karl. The advanced cabin lighting technology will offer customers a distinctive passenger experience, which they can personalize according to their preferences using an app-controlled interface developed by jetlite.






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