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First impressions count. Shine with our premium aircraft painting.

Think of your aircraft like your business card. You want it to reflect the high standards you set in everything you do. Like your business card, your aircraft may be the first thing that other people notice about you. And first impressions count. As your partner for aircraft painting, we will make sure that you shine.

The painting of your aircraft is about more than just colour and first impressions, however. It also protects and preserves the aircraft's value. Our professional service offers first-class quality for the both the aesthetic and practical sides of aircraft painting. Our skilled advisors work to the highest quality standards and down to the smallest detail, from the planning stage through to completion. As a full service provider, we offer maintenance, refurbishment and aircraft painting during one single downtime. Trust and partnership form the basis of our customer relationships. Together, we will get it right.

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Life is full of choices, some easy, some hard. For the hard choices it’s good to have a specialist on your side to help. That's who we are. You can count on us for skilled, personalised advice before, during and after your aircraft painting project.

We offer, for example, a worldwide, unique representative aircraft painting field service. Our paint technicians will visit your aircraft anywhere in the world to check its coat and detect damages. We can also check for the cause and find a solution, from a neutral and objective point of view. In addition, our consultancy service ranges across a broad spectrum of assistance, including material selection, process definition, preparation and documentation as well as painting evaluations, reporting, and monitoring. We guarantee you the highest aircraft painting standard, down to the last detail.

Your aircraft is like your business card. It should be well-designed and creative. And it should also leave a good first impression. You want your aircraft to be eye-catching, memorable, effective - whatever your vision, our aircraft painting professionals are here to help you turn your creative impulse into reality.

We can provide you with coloured renderings, 2-D proposals, 3-D animations and technical drawings so you can have a glimpse of what it will look like in advance. If you decide your new aircraft livery should have an understated look, a business feel, or something unique and especially memorable, our in-house specialists and consultants will meet with you to talk over the options. The materials we use include fading, photorealistic, metallic and mica-paints. Your aesthetic and business vision becomes our responsibility.


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We run a complete aircraft painting shop with fine craftsmen and excellent workmanship. So whether you are looking for a small touch-up or a completely new painted exterior, our one-stop shop is the right place for your aircraft.

We can handle the demanding work such as chemical stripping and abrasive paint removal. And we can follow that up with seal-work and aircraft painting while also adding any technical and mandatory markings. In addition, we can offer clear coat application and polytetrafluorethylen coating. Your aircraft is a high-tech piece of equipment. It deserves the attention and quality that we can give to it, not only the inside but on the exterior as well.

Video "A Bombardier Global 5000 masterpiece" coming soon

To keep up in business you have to stay ahead of the curve. That’s exactly where you would expect us to be, and that’s exactly where we are with our state-of-the-art equipment. The cutting-edge infrastructure that we deploy allows us to provide you with flexibility and ensure a high level of performance.

Our two aircraft painting stations have perfect illumination and are under constant humidity and temperature control. We are safety conscious, too, as we have both fire and gas detectors, fire-fighting equipment and a dust extraction system on hand. In addition, we have a downdraft airflow system that provides 500,000 cubic metres of air per hour. Let us put our high-performance infrastructure to work for you. To stay ahead of the curve.

Once the aircraft painting job is done you pretty much want to forget about it. Admire the look, perhaps, but not worry about whether it will last. That’s where the quality of our jet painting processes comes in.

Our maintenance-friendly approach includes applying special paint materials as well as using new sealant techniques and stainless steel screws. We use a separate painting process for access doors and screws. We also strip and polish frames and handle surroundings as needed. In addition, we do blank aluminium polishing. This focus on quality helps to avoid cracking in all critical areas. Easy maintenance of the aircraft for you is a top priority for us. We want you to enjoy the look and feel of your aircraft, without having to invest a lot of time and effort in keeping its good looks.


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