Matt black VIP Paint for Gulfstream G450

In 2023, the VIP Paint+ Shop in Oberpfaffenhofen painted a Gulfstream G450 in matt black with highlight stripes.


High-quality paintwork

In the spring of 2023 GA-ATS painted a Gulfstream G450 Business Jet with black matt-gloss stripes. After a complete chemical stripping process at the EDMO Munich Oberpfaffenhofen location, the G450 received a VIP Paint in full matt black including black high gloss, diagonal straight and asymmetric painted stripes with two different stripe sizes, from the nose section to the back of the fuselage. 

The stripes were applied on the fuselage and the outer wing area, upper and lower side, at the beginning with a laser pointer and computer cutted paint template. The inner side of the main pax was fully painted as well, to achieve the perfect appearance when entry door is open.

Black matt paint

The most important painting technique when applying the black matte paint material is to perform the final painting step flawlessly, because invisible partial touch-ups that can be performed on high-gloss paints, such as sanding and polishing or touching up paint spots, are simply not possible on matte topcoat. However, the experienced team at General Atomics AeroTec Systems was able to realize this challenge in the best quality.

The wishes of the owner to achieve a harmonic color appearance for the registration and the logo on the vertical tail and all the technical markings, was fulfilled in accordance with the aircraft manuals as well as the ideas of the graphic designer and of the owner.