GA-ATS brings Legacy 600 back into the air

General Atomics AeroTec Systems brings Legacy 600 back into the air after almost 10 years out of service.


Impressive moment

It was an impressive moment when the Legacy 600 took off from EDMO Airport Munich Oberpfaffenhofen in September of 2022. The aircraft had been out of service for almost a decade. Thanks to the outstanding work of General Atomics AeroTec Systems employees, it has been returned to service and successfully completed its first flight.

After nearly 10 years without a flight, extensive and complex work by General Atomics AeroTec Systems and project partner AeroVisto was required to make the aircraft airworthy again. The specialists from GA-ATS, an authorized Embraer Service Center facility, completed a scope of work that was exceptional both in volume and in expertise.

Cabin modernization

Due to the long downtime, heavy scheduled base maintenance and customized service tasks for return to service had to be carried out. GA-ATS conducted for this purpose, a landing gear overhaul, an engine shop overhaul and an APU shop overhaul among other things. Furthermore, various other modifications and upgrades as well as finding rectification were carried out in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Together with our project partners from AeroVisto, a complete cabin overhaul was realized. Among other things, new high-quality carpets and seats were installed. In addition, the Legacy 600 aircraft received an exterior painting in the VIP Paint+ shop of the German aircraft manufacturer General Atomics AeroTec Systems.